Have you had bariatric surgery in Mexico, abroad, or in the USA? Or are you scheduled to? Or maybe you're contemplating it? You are about to discover the Secrets to Bariatric Surgery Success!

Positive Psychology

How Does A Positive Psychology Coach Help Me Lose Weight?

You’ve probably heard of the term “Positive Psychology” on TV, radio, magazines and books. But what does it really mean? And why is the surprising new data life-altering for you?

Positive Psychology is a science of positive aspects of human life such as happiness, well-being, and flourishing. It is best summarized in the words of its founder, Dr. Martin Seligman, as “The scientific study of optimal human functioning (that) aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive”.

A Positive Psychology coach partners with you to add pizzazz to your life, before or after bariatric surgery. And we’re not talking about the run of the mill “Think positive” stuff.

You will discover Success Secrets unique to you.

This is not the usual cookie cutter approach to losing weight. With cutting edge, scientifically proven positive psychology and positivity power principles, you will engage your unique positive personality strengths to develop a customized weight loss success plan. And please don’t tell me, ” I don’t have self-control, courage, optimism, and perseverance…” You’ll learn how to unearth them and put them into action pronto.

If you want:

  • More self-acceptance, joy, and fulfillment at home, work, and play
  • To shed negativity as you re-shape your life into all you’ve dreamed
  • To wear happiness like your new smaller sized clothes
  • To focus on hope, optimism, and creating your new thin lifestyle
  • Someone with a velvet glove to keep your pedal to the motivational medal

Exciting and doable, friendly and fun, these activities will amaze you. No kidding, they are simply incredible! Happiness is what you pack on, as you unpack the pounds. Remember, you cannot fail!

Want more Positive Psychology and Positivity info? Check out the full of fun, food for thought, Resources page.

Has the real you been locked inside? Your positive emotions numbed or hidden beyond the layers of excess weight? Positive Psychology has the  keys! Unlock the secrets to your weight loss success.

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**Our lawyers insist that we make the following DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee specific physical, emotional, nor psychological results for coaching either pre- or post-bariatric procedures, surgeries, or other treatments. Individual weight loss and overall well-being vary greatly and in accordance to your motivation, determination, diligent hard work, and ability to follow through with directions." Thank you.