Have you had bariatric surgery in Mexico, abroad, or in the USA? Or are you scheduled to? Or maybe you're contemplating it? You are about to discover the Secrets to Bariatric Surgery Success!

Emotional Eating

Do You Have A Life-Long Affair With Food?

Maybe you’re like a zillion other people, food is your major love. It doesn’t talk back, until you look into your mirror. Don’t like what you see? Who is that overweight person staring back at you?

Be honest here:

  • Would you rather eat than anything else?
  • Do you spend more time fantasizing about food than your relationships?
  • Does your adrenaline begin to flow when you think about your favorite treats?
  • Are you always hungry but you don’t know why?
  • Do you make excuses for yourself or deny reality?

Do you fear:

  • Your weight is life-threatening but are afraid of surgery?
  • How to handle new eating regimens after surgery?
  • How to manage social situations after you lose weight?

Bariatric Surgery Coaching Will Help You Slay Your Dragon.

Maybe you’re like my friend, Sally. She was invited to a fabulous party. She was having a blast. She’d planned not to overeat. But for some reason, her resistance and willpower floated away like a helium balloon. She ate too much, as if her mouth was on automatic pilot.

To make matters worse, the next day, she berated herself. She spewed out self-hatred as if she was an awful flame-throwing dragon. She breathed fire onto all her wonderful weight loss intentions. Her resolve turned into ashes yet again. A half a gallon of rocky road ice cream later, and a sea of tears, her dreaded self-defeating, guilt/restrict, deprive, and eat again cycle surfaced.

With your positive psychology coach’s help you will:

  • Learn how your unconscious takes over.
  • Become aware of your specific eating triggers.
  • Ground yourself and let go of self-defeat.
  • Learn the secrets of “Positivity”.

You will never be alone again when obsessive thoughts tell you to belly up to the all-you-can eat buffet.

Curious? Want to win at weight loss and lasso personality strengths you never knew you had? Even if you decide you don’t want bariatrics and you just want weight loss coaching, that’s OK, too. What are you waiting for?

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**Our lawyers insist that we make the following DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee specific physical, emotional, nor psychological results for coaching either pre- or post-bariatric procedures, surgeries, or other treatments. Individual weight loss and overall well-being vary greatly and in accordance to your motivation, determination, diligent hard work, and ability to follow through with directions." Thank you.