Have you had bariatric surgery in Mexico, abroad, or in the USA? Or are you scheduled to? Or maybe you're contemplating it? You are about to discover the Secrets to Bariatric Surgery Success!

Dr. Judy’s Journey

And Your Journey To A New, Slim You!

2009-06-22-dr-judy-age-1On your weight loss journey, I will celebrate with you as you re-invent your life, discovering new pathways to renewed energy, joy, and peace. I understand. I’ve needed to journey down that same road myself. I was a chubby kid who wore a half size. I hid my humiliation by eating mayonnaise sandwiches and slabs of Velveeta cheese. Maybe you were like me.

I felt like a boxer always fighting to keep those pounds away. For years, “weight loss maintenance” was an oxymoron! I was fed up with trying every diet in the book. How I could have used customized coaching! But I knocked out my opponent, and I know you can, too!


For over three decades, it has been my pleasure to motivate my clients to health, happiness, and sustained weight loss.

Regarding bariatrics specifically, I have completed pre-surgery psychological evaluations and counseled or coached clients post-surgery. What a thrill it is to see my clients maintain their weight loss!

I love it when I see them at the grocery store and they proudly point to the healthy foods in their cart. And sometimes they tease me about what’s in mine!

Producing and hosting my own radio and TV shows addressing wellness, relationships, and other mental health issues has heightened my awareness and empathy for obesity sufferers.

dr-judy-standing-by-planeEmpowering them to break through the glass ceiling of weight loss failure and watching their pounds vanish along with their emotional baggage after bariatric surgery continues to be a total “WOW!”

I want to share my exhilarating happiness with you.I would love to be your coach, always in your corner, helping you throw just the right punch to knock out your weight loss and motivation opponents. You deserve it!

Bariatric Surgery Coaching is like a challenging journey down a rewarding and gratifying road to the new you.

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**Our lawyers insist that we make the following DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee specific physical, emotional, nor psychological results for coaching either pre- or post-bariatric procedures, surgeries, or other treatments. Individual weight loss and overall well-being vary greatly and in accordance to your motivation, determination, diligent hard work, and ability to follow through with directions." Thank you.