Have you had bariatric surgery in Mexico, abroad, or in the USA? Or are you scheduled to? Or maybe you're contemplating it? You are about to discover the Secrets to Bariatric Surgery Success!

Is This You?

Bariatric Surgery Coaching is your road map to health, happiness, and fulfillment… To give you directions away from food. Your GPS to weight loss maintenance success!

Is This You?


  • Frustrated at your weight loss failure
  • Contemplating, undergoing, or recovering from bariatric surgery
  • Fearful of bariatric surgery or post-surgery eating necessities
  • Need emotional or motivational support
  • Need body image re-alignment

Do You Need:

  • An exercise program
  • Nutritional support
  • Someone to cheer your successes
  • Someone to hold you accountable
  • Individualized success plan with goal-setting

Do You Also Need to:

  • Create new habits
  • Get fit as well as trim
  • Create new routines
  • Learn to cope with emotions
  • Develop better social skills or more rewarding relationships

You deserve a coach!

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**Our lawyers insist that we make the following DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee specific physical, emotional, nor psychological results for coaching either pre- or post-bariatric procedures, surgeries, or other treatments. Individual weight loss and overall well-being vary greatly and in accordance to your motivation, determination, diligent hard work, and ability to follow through with directions." Thank you.