Have you had bariatric surgery in Mexico, abroad, or in the USA? Or are you scheduled to? Or maybe you're contemplating it? You are about to discover the Secrets to Bariatric Surgery Success!


Dr. Judy Kring’s, Bariatric Surgery Coaching weight loss coach and clinical psychologist, is committed to your lifestyle change.

For over 30 years, Dr. Judy has partnered with weight loss clients, from adolescence to mature adult. She is invested in helping you discover or re-claim your thin and joyful self. Better yet, she empowers you to maintain your weight loss.

Customized coaching empowers you to:

  • Achieve your weight loss dreams.
  • Banish bad habits.
  • Identify your specific weight loss saboteurs.
  • Create a can-do attitude.
  • Overcome overwhelm.

Using fun and upbeat positive psychology techniques, coaching with Dr. Judy may feel like you are riding a tandem bike or flying in a bi-plane. You are always up front in the driver’s seat, but she is always there following close behind, ready to assist you.

On coaching calls we will:

  • Arrange weekly coaching calls, including Vonage or Skype.
  • Arrange a call schedule that accommodates your needs.
  • Creatively craft your unique weight loss success plan.
  • Find opportunities to harness your values and personality strengths.
  • Have fun as you loss weight and love your new, slim lifestyle.

With Dr. Judy, you will design your totally doable, tailor-made success strategy weight loss and wellness plan. From contemplating and planning for bariatric surgery, to coping with post-surgery new habit development, your coach will be on your team. You will be cheered as you monitor and modify your eating, exercise, and weight loss program.

Your Reward?

Success breeds even more success! Your weight loss and maintenance will be the #1 happy topic for discussion. As an added bonus, you’ll feel the love as your friends and family,thrilled with your success, pat you on the back.

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**Our lawyers insist that we make the following DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee specific physical, emotional, nor psychological results for coaching either pre- or post-bariatric procedures, surgeries, or other treatments. Individual weight loss and overall well-being vary greatly and in accordance to your motivation, determination, diligent hard work, and ability to follow through with directions." Thank you.