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Sense-ational Holiday Strengths Video

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Take A Break From Food

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feet-on-beachAh, Thanksgiving is over. Perhaps like most of us, you stretched your eating rubber band but hopefully not your lapband! So here’s a fun idea to get your eating back on track.

Close your eyes and relax. Think of a time when food was NOT involved. A time when life was light and airy and you floated along. Remember that peace and calm?

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baby-in-turkey-costumeThanksgiving is just around he corner. I have a challenge for you (I KNOW you can do it): Have fun on Thanksgiving without focusing on the food.

Today I am going to talk about wonderful YOU. Your self-esteem and how to get more of it.

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Happy 4th Of July

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July 4th…Colors bursting forth on the horizon.
Is it red, white, and blue firewords…paint by the numbers’s…fingerpaint…a rainbow…a kaleidoscope…or perhaps a bouquet of flowers? How will you paint your world today? I color your world happy

1199995_fireworksJuly 4th…Colors bursting forth on the horizon.

Is it red, white, and blue fireworks…

paint by the number’s…fingerpaint…

a rainbow…a kaleidoscope…

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