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Resolution Remedies

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It’s the New Year. Do you believe in resolutions? I don’t! I believe in plans and follow through and commitment.

Can you answer one question for 2010? What holds you back from staying on your road to health success? Remember the HALT! from AA. (Not an alcoholic? Who cares. The premise is the same.)

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Do you wake up in the morning with your head firing off cannons of all the things you need to get done?
Or maybe you’re like me. You ask yourself, “What day is this?” What do I have on my schedule?
My mind today was like a long shopping list: Three clients to coach, two tce Blog Radio talk shows to record, (I’ll let you know when they will be aired in Aug.), several recent coaching recordings to listen to (gotta keep up with trends), articles to write for both my web sites, my desk begging to be cleaned off, my paperwork to file,etc. And my son, Sean, is coming home from Milwaukee. Goody. But what am I going to make for supper?
Whew! But I smile, as everyday is like this.
My brain is racing at the starting gate ready to run today’s race! But the race to where?
When your brain is in overdrive, do you run to the fridge to see what’s in there.
Do you still need to fight with yourself about what to eat? Or when? Or how much?
Do you fear the scale’s wicked numbers? Have you gained weight back after bariatric surgery?
I hope bariatric surgery has been your God-send. But maybe you’ve had a round with dumping syndrome. Or needed the, excuse me, puke bucket. You sure as heck don’t want to risk these unseemly adventures again.
Does too much emotion drive your car to your old fast food haunt? Even thought your mind knows better?
What do you do to quiet your mind? Especially if it tells you to put on the feed bag.
OK, let’s tame your emotional tiger. Use your head to get you moving away from the fridge.
Try these:
Go retrieve your list of 24 Signature Strengths (Take the no fee VIA, Values in Action Survey at authentichappiness.org. FUN!)
Review your top strengths. Use your tops ones to set the stage for positivity. Hope/optimism is a strength, for example.
When you use a strength, celebrate by putting a dime or nickel in a jar. Watch your money grow. Not your waistline.
Critical thinking is a strength. Do positive self-talk: “I am worth health and thinness!”
Use kindness, another strength. Love yourself. Congratulate yourself out loud for good food choices, “Good for me!”
Everyday look at your strengths until they become your emotional food for thought. This is major!
Xerox a copy of your list and super glue it to your fridge.
Use humor to laugh at yourself. Criticism means frustration eating. Kick criticism to the curb.
OK, time for me to go brush my teeth. It isn’t even 5 a.m., and I am thinking of you. Teamwork, another strength. You are important to me.
If you want to know more about strengths, more tips on how to how to use yours more specifically, sign up for my newsletter now.
More terrific tips to tip the scales in your favor. And that’s is where I really let the fun rip.
Have a bariatric BEST SELF day!

1038448_mint_tea_1-1Do you wake up in the morning with your head firing off cannons of all the things you need to get done? Or maybe you’re like me. You ask yourself, “What day is this?” What do I have on my schedule?

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