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holding-hands-on-beachAre the hectic holidays taking a toxic toll on your relationship? Tune in tomorrow (December 16th at 7PM CST)) to tce Coach Radio/BlogTalkRadio. I”ll share some powerful positive psychology tips that will enhance your relationship and get you two back to “ringin’ those Christmas bells”.

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Wow! Mood and Food

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yellow-smiley-face-cup-saucerThere are two recent discussions on diet and depression. This gives new pause for us to think about that old saying, “You are what you eat.” New evidence suggest that if you want to feel good and be happier, fish oil and non-processed foods win out yet again.

1. They found the risk of depression was 30%+ higher when subjects ate a diet of refined foods as contrasted with those eating a traditional Mediterranean diet.

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Take A Break From Food

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feet-on-beachAh, Thanksgiving is over. Perhaps like most of us, you stretched your eating rubber band but hopefully not your lapband! So here’s a fun idea to get your eating back on track.

Close your eyes and relax. Think of a time when food was NOT involved. A time when life was light and airy and you floated along. Remember that peace and calm?

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baby-in-turkey-costumeThanksgiving is just around he corner. I have a challenge for you (I KNOW you can do it): Have fun on Thanksgiving without focusing on the food.

Today I am going to talk about wonderful YOU. Your self-esteem and how to get more of it.

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bright-colored-love-birds-smallOK, fess up.

Do you lie to your spouse? Or to yourself? Bet you will have fun with this one.

Where is honest on your VIA 24 Signature Strengths Survey?

Lie, deny, alibi? How do YOU want to show up in your life?

Want to avoid lying about your eating?

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Try Gratitude!

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I just joined a creatively cool and upbeat month long GRATITUDE group. It’s fun, free, and its author is my wonderfully generous coaching friend, Annie.

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