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Gotta Game Plan?

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What does winning look like for you?

No, you don’t need a magic wand nor willpower.

You need a game plan.

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Stop Suffering and Start Living

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Are you like many bariatric surgery clients I coach? You have chronic pain. Or maybe you are like me and haven’t had the surgery but still contend with weight gain and chronic pain.

I have learned to make chronic pain my “friend”. Not my best friend, but we are sure as heck acquainted as I am in contact every day!

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Every Superhero Needs A Cape

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Time to put on your positivity cape! Sometimes we need super powers to win over weight loss. Losing weight is so personal and so tough, bariatric surgery or not.

  • What if your life didn’t always revolve around you and your weight loss?
  • What if you deferred your thinking about food and started using your VALUE of empathy and your strength of COMPASSION?

Why not stretch your GRATITUDE strength and start of the New Year by helping someone else. Be a hero to a hospitalized child.

Check this out: wondercapes.com

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Smack Down That Fear

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When you are afraid, here’s a shortcut. Use your HUMOR strength like your own personal boxing gloves!

Say out loud and with vigor:

“Distract and engage. Put the Fear Monster back in his cage!”

Write it down. Memorize it.

Or try this one, “No fear can get to me unless I let it!”

And always remember, “Never fear. Dr. Judy is near!”

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Resolution Remedies

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It’s the New Year. Do you believe in resolutions? I don’t! I believe in plans and follow through and commitment.

Can you answer one question for 2010? What holds you back from staying on your road to health success? Remember the HALT! from AA. (Not an alcoholic? Who cares. The premise is the same.)

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Sense-ational Holiday Strengths Video

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