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Move Over Greedy Gobblers, Your Time is Up


baby-in-turkey-costumeThanksgiving is just around he corner. I have a challenge for you (I KNOW you can do it): Have fun on Thanksgiving without focusing on the food.

Today I am going to talk about wonderful YOU. Your self-esteem and how to get more of it.

Maybe you struggled for years but your weight often won. Maybe you’ve had bariatric surgery and have terrifically maintained your weight. If so, KUDOS!

But if you fear Thanksgiving might derail you, and you might slip up, try this:

  • Get off the whine wagon! “But it’s just one day!”
  • Don’t make excuses! “But it is just one day!”
  • Give yourself permission to BE A SUCCESS.
  • Map out your eating plan BEFORE you sit down to the table.
  • Make an intention that you are a winner at life and make choices that serve you

Use your CRITICAL THINKING and COURAGE personality strengths. KNOW ahead of time that what you focus on is HAPPY HEALTH. Think now good you will feel when you don’t suffer after you get up from the table.

Celebrate yourself and your winning without whining about scarcity. You have wonderful you and many things about which to be grateful. Stop and savor YOU.

Know that I send my love and am thankful that you are sharing time with me.

Big hugs,


Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

~  George Washington

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